Nature inspired Florals and Events


Hi, I’m Alisa- I create beautiful welcoming spaces and dream up intimate gatherings.

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The most exciting part of my business has always been about connection and collaboration. Connecting people and myself to nature, changing people’s perspective on flowers. To surprise and delight and create an invitation to think differently, to reframe your perspective about nature and the world. The beauty may be temporary but the feeling you hold from experiencing it stays with you.


Our Philosophy

We value ethical and ecological practices and each year as we grow we find new ways to deepen our commitment. This year we will begin sourcing from small, local, ecological farms in our immediate region. Here are some reasons why it’s so important to begin this practice:



Small, ecological flower farms have the highest quality flowers and foliage. They grow vibrant, diverse, and delicate varieties that cannot be shipped. They typically last longer in a vase than shipped blooms.


Local ecological farmers deliver in reusable buckets, unlike west coast or international shipments which use single use plastic wraps, large boxes, and refrigerated transportation.


Save fossil fuel through shorter distances traveled and eliminates the insecticide and fungicides that are required for entry into the United States.

Land Use

Local farmers nourish soil, encourage biodiversity, conserve water, build local economies, and are deeply dedicated to their land!

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